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Organic Coconut Sugar  Bcorpsea

September 14, 2023/

Aliet Green is Indonesia’s leading Fairtrade producer of natural and organic ingredients for food manufacturers and wholesalers. They’re dedicated to creating positive change for smallholder farmers and the environment.ย  Through partnerships with farmers, research, and education, they’re building sustainable and ethical food systems, empowering rural communities. Their focus is on…

Discover How For-Profit Companies Are Transforming Business for the Better!

September 6, 2023/

Podcast Google Podcast Forces For Good F01_listen_on_iconCreated with Sketch. Spotify Amazon Music Bcorpsea How Do Business Leaders Create Impact? Overcast Bcorpsea How Do Business Leaders Create Impact? Pocket Casts Bcorpsea How Do Business Leaders Create Impact? Podcast Addict Rss Home In the ever-evolving landscape of business, for-profit companies are taking…

Exploring Alternatives to ESG Investing: Public-Benefit Corporations (PBC)

August 20, 2023/

With growing skepticism surrounding ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ratings, many investors are turning their attention to Public-Benefit Corporations (PBC). In case you missed it: On August 20th, The Wall Street Journal offered a comprehensive perspective on evaluating the impact of benefit corporations. Mark Berryman, a seasoned expert, emphasized the…

Celebrating the Remarkable Achievements of Song Saa Collective!

August 18, 2023/

Join Our Expanding Family of Certified B Corp Companies in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia! Step into the world of Song Saa Private Island, where luxury meets serenity, and nature embraces you wholeheartedly. Our island embodies the exquisite beauty of Cambodia’s coastline, meticulously crafted with indigenous materials and infused with boundless…

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Juara Partners for achieving the B Corp Certification! ๐Ÿ†

August 11, 2023/

Juara Partners, a distinguished financial institution specializing in Shariah-compliant vital lines of credit, debt restructuring, purpose-driven financing, and the promotion of financial literacy, has reached a significant milestone. Their FinTech-enabled approach not only makes their services efficient and user-friendly but also ensures they remain competitive in our rapidly evolving financial…

Do you have experience in the location-based platform space?

July 19, 2023/

Can you help shape B Labโ€™s risk standards on the topic? B Lab is launching a public consultation period for risk standards for location-based platforms, relating to companies that operate digital platforms and provide services in which workers must be physically present to perform the job (e.g., ridesharing, food delivery).…

B Corps Leading the Charge: Putting the Planet First

July 13, 2023/

As the global environmental crisis escalates, an increasing number of companies are recognizing the urgent need to prioritize the planet as a key stakeholder in their business operations. Among the trailblazers, Certified B Corporations (B Corps) are at the forefront of this transformative mindset. These socially and environmentally responsible businesses…

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