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We know the B Corp Certification journey is challenging! Our regional network of B Corp Sustainability Consultants are ready to help you in measuring, monitoring and improving your impact as well as supporting your B Corp Certification journey ahead.



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The consultancy programs listed below are not affiliated with BMB Southeast Asia. Consequently, the scope, risks, and results of the respective services are subject to your company’s discretion and the consultants themselves.

Jurre Rompa B Corpsea SDGS

Officially trained by B Lab AANZ for the Australian and New Zealand regions, B Consultants may also be familiar with the Southeast Asian context to support your business’ impact journey, whether to improve your Company’s social and environmental practices or become certified as a B Corp. Browse their directory of consultants to find one with the expertise you need

The ESG Business Institute (EBI) is a unique service provider that utilizes the Independent Verification Analysis (IVAs) deployed by B Lab Global to conduct the verification of applicant submissions for the B Corp Certification. To ensure high standards and impartiality, the IVAs providing Way to B services will not be involved in verifying the same companies.

The Inceptery is a Singapore-based sustainability-led innovation firm. Their mission is to support organizations in connecting their business activities and practices to core principles of social and environmental purpose. As a Certified B Corp Company since 2022, they also offer customized support for businesses seeking B Corp Certification.

B Purpose Bureau believes in a world where companies aim to have a clear purpose that aligns profits, the planet & people. They help businesses put purpose and ESG into practice. Without exception they also provide B Corp Consultancy. This includes services and tools to help your organization build an ESG strategy, start measuring what matters, create a roadmap of continuous improvements, identify and bring purpose into play, and engage your stakeholders on your journey.

PIE Strategy is an impact-driven sustainability consultancy that provides bespoke solutions for companies to activate sustainable change, creating shared value for their business and society. They help companies translate strategic intent into actions to future-proof their business and contribute to sustainable development. Moreover, they offer B Corp Consultancy services.

Merry Year Social Company is a consulting impact investment agency specializing in social innovation. MYSC creates social innovation through business as a partner of all organizations seeking to solve social problems. They support companies to achieve business innovation based on social issues by providing consulting for companies & public institutions. With that in mind, they also offer a B Corp Consultancy program as they think about business together.

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