We are proud to announce Genashtim Sdn. Bhd., Right People Renewable Energy, Make The Change Pte Ltd and Genashtim Innovative Learning Pte Ltd for being honored as BEST FOR THE WORLD class

Best for the World B Corpsea

Every year, B Lab identifies the best-performing B Corps making the highest impact out of their businesses across the globe. These B Corps are named Best for the World™ as their verified scores in the five impact areas evaluated on the B Impact Assessment (BIA)—community, customers, environment, governance, and workers.

These B Corp Certified Businesses have notched in the topmost Impact division of the B Impact Assessment and are headed by example in sustainable practices.

  1. Genashtim Sdn Bhd

    (Best For The World: Workers Category)

  2. Right People Renewable Energy – RPRE

    (Best For The World: Customer Category)

  3. MakeTheChange

    (Best For The World: Community Category)

  4. Genashtim Innovative Learning

    (Best For The World: Community Category)

For comprehensive detail visit: https://bcorporation.net/best-for-world-2021

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