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In this May edition, we welcome our newest ASEAN Certified B Corp, Xurya Daya that specializes in rooftop solar solutions and is a pioneer of zero initial cost in Indonesia. We are thrilled about the participation of one of our Certified B Corps at the Philanthropy Asia Summit 2024 and lets get to know closer of how Palo IT “Walk the Talk” in guiding organizations in harnessing technology as a force for positive change.

We bring the latest insights from B Lab Global – excited to share B Lab Global Annual Report 2023! Also learn about European consumers’ expectations of businesses, discover innovative changes to B Corporation Certification standards, and unravel the complexities of scaling impact while maintaining authenticity.

Join us at the forefront of sustainable business practices and strategic evolution.


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B Corp Spotlight: Meet Our Newly Certified B Corps

Xurya Daya Indonesia

We are excited to introduce and welcome Xurya Daya Indonesia, the latest B Corp SEA family addition.

Xurya Daya Indonesia

Founded in 2018, Xurya Daya specializes in rooftop solar solutions, offering no-down-payment rentals and comprehensive services. Trusted by local and multinational brands, Xurya’s widespread presence across Indonesia delivers clean energy while creating green jobs.

Upcoming Event

Combating Plastic Waste: A Deeper Look into Aqua’s Strategy - Webinar
Combating Plastic Waste: A Deeper Look into Aqua’s Strategy - Webinar

Aqua, one of the biggest bottled water brands, encountered unique challenges in managing its plastic waste. Join us in the final quarter of May for an enlightening webinar featuring Danone Aqua, a Certified B Corporation since 2018, where they will share valuable insights about plastic waste management. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this event.

What’s up in ASEAN?

Inaugural Amplifier Mentees at Philanthropy Asia Summit 2024
1. Inaugural Amplifier Mentees at Philanthropy Asia Summit 2024

The Philanthropy Asia Alliance (PAA) and the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP) introduced the inaugural cohort of Amplifier mentees at the Philanthropy Asia Summit 2024. We are proud to inform that one of the selected five ventures is our own Mycotech, an Indonesian Certified B Corporations that uses mycelium, the network of fibers formed by fungi, to create sustainable materials such as leather, board, and composite. The Amplifier program, spanning 12 months, adopts a holistic approach, providing mentorship, funding, and resources to scale these ventures across Asia. With a focus on sustainable agriculture, circular business models, waste management, and emissions reduction, the cohort embodies the theme “Climate and Nature.”

2. Prof. Christopher Marquis’s visit to Saitex International Dong Nai (Vn) Co., Ltd

Christopher Marquis, a Cambridge professor, author, and ESG Business Institute Board member, visited Saitex International Dong Nai (Vn) Ltd.’s production facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. One of Vietnam’s three B Corps, the company stands out as a beacon of responsible apparel production. Their commitment to sustainability is evident, from sludge-powered steam generation to solar panels and inclusive hiring practices, challenging the fashion industry’s environmental impact.


PAPER & PAGE is committed to transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. In the 🌏 B Corp Spotlight 🔦 series, they talk to other Certified B Corporations that are changing the rules of the game here in Southeast Asia.

This time they spoke to Frederic Bernaroyat, Managing Director and Patchareeboon Sakulpitakphon, Sustainability & Impact Lead of PALO IT Thailand.

What’s up in B Lab Global?

1. B Lab Global Launches 2023 Annual Report

From doubling our community size to refining our standards and mobilizing for collective action, B Lab’s 2023 Global Annual Report celebrates the progress made in shaping an inclusive and regenerative economic future.

B Lab Global Launches 2023 Annual Report
2. Insights From the 2023 Brand Awareness Study: What do Europeans Expect from Businesses?

The 2023 Brand Awareness Study by B Lab Europe reveals significant insights into consumer behavior and attitudes toward sustainability and B Corp certifications in Europe. With over 11,000 participants across eleven European countries, the study highlights the growing influence of sustainability on purchasing decisions and the strong support for responsible business values. The study also underscores the importance of visual sustainability labels and the need for businesses to align with B Corp values to stay relevant.

Insights From the 2023 Brand Awareness Study: What do Europeans Expect from Businesses?
3. Evolution Through Innovation: A New Way to Define Company Size

The B Lab Standards Management Team introduces an innovative approach to defining company size for the evolving B Corporation Certification standards. Proposing to consider both the number of workers and revenue, the new method addresses the impact of outsourcing and automation, aiming for more accurate size assessments. Explore the significance of these changes and their implications for B Corps.

Evolution Through Innovation: A New Way to Define Company Size
4. The Paradox of Growing as a Values-Driven Company

Market alternative movements prioritize social responsibility as a core principle. However, they encounter a paradoxical challenge as they gain momentum: whether to include larger incumbents and risk diluting their values or to exclude them and thereby limit their impact. The B Corp movement navigates this tension by balancing expansion with purity, ensuring growth without compromising values. Through strategies like flexible standards, easing identity transitions, and embracing diverse perspectives, B Lab maintains authenticity while scaling impact.

The Paradox of Growing as a Values-Driven Company

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