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We’re thrilled to announce the recertification of three B Corps that continue to demonstrate their ongoing dedication to having a systemic economic change to support our collective vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Meanwhile in Malaysia, the Malaysian government’s supportive stance through the Domestic Investment Accelerator Fund (DIAF), is providing crucial funding to drive sustainable business practices. Next, we also share inspiring snippets from B Corp companies across ASEAN, showcasing their innovative approaches and contributions to our dear ASEAN region.

We congratulate Sara Schwimmer and Clay Brown for being appointed as interim co-leads of B Lab Global. Together, they bring a diverse set of skills to further B Lab’s mission of transforming the economic system to be more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative.


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B Corp Spotlight: Meet Our Newly Certified B Corps

Les Vergers Du Mékong, Natures Legacy, and Yever

Congratulations to Les Vergers Du MékongNatures Legacy, and Yever for successfully renewing their B Corp Certification! Their ongoing commitment to social and environmental responsibility sets a commendable standard for businesses worldwide. Their dedication to transparency, accountability, and positive impact is an inspiration for all.

What’s up in ASEAN?

Empowering Malaysian SMEs and MTCs for Sustainable Growth: Elevate Your Company's ESG Journey with the Domestic Investment Accelerator Fund
Empowering Malaysian SMEs and MTCs for Sustainable Growth: Elevate Your Company's ESG Journey with the Domestic Investment Accelerator Fund

The Domestic Investment Accelerator Fund (DIAF) – ESG Adoption is a matching grant that was introduced to support Malaysian-owned Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Mid-Tier Companies (MTCs) in the manufacturing and selected services sectors transitioning into ESG practices.
The grant is given on a case-to-case basis, matching either 50:50 or 70:30, with a maximum reimbursable amount of RM500,000 per company.
Applications received by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) from 24 April 2024 will be eligible for consideration for this grant. The approval of these applications is subject to the availability of funds allocated by the Government of Malaysia and the prevailing policies in force.

What’s up in B Lab Global?

Partnership & Flexibility: In Conversation with Interim Co-Lead Executives Sarah Schwimmer and Clay Brown

B Lab Global has named Sarah Schwimmer and Clay Brown as interim Co-Lead Executives. They bring complementary skills to guide B Lab’s mission of transforming the economic system to be more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative. In an interview, Schwimmer and Brown discuss the co-leadership model’s benefits and the power of strategic alliances within the B Corp community. Their vision emphasizes community empowerment, stakeholder engagement, and systemic change to foster an inclusive and sustainable economy.

Partnership & Flexibility: In Conversation with Interim Co-Lead Executives Sarah Schwimmer and Clay Brown

B Corp Community Corner: Stories of Impact and Innovation

Welcome to the B Corp Community Corner, where we celebrate the inspiring stories, achievements, and projects of B Corps making a difference in Southeast Asia. Join us as we explore the impactful journeys of Jasberry, Mana Earthly Paradise, Sharesource, SuperBee, and Yever, and see how they are leading the way in creating a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.

Jasberry: Nourishing the World, One Grain at a Time

In the heart of Thailand, amidst lush green rice paddies, Jasberry stands as the beacon of sustainable food production and social impact. A certified B Corp, Jasberry has redefined rice consumption and transformed the farmers’ lives in the region.

Superfood Rice for a Better Tomorrow

Our mission is simple: “Big change starts with a tiny grain of rice.” Our daily superfood rice isn’t just about hunger; it nourishes bodies, minds, and communities. Here’s how:

B Corps are not claiming to be perfect companies, but instead, those willing to measure their impacts, identify opportunities to improve, and implement changes to drive change over time. Learn how the draft standards will raise the bar this B Corp Month. Jasberry: Nourishing the World, One Grain at a Time
  • Empowering: We collaborate directly with small-scale farmers, empowering them to break free from poverty.

  • Sustainable: Packed with essential nutrients and a delightful taste, our rice is grown without harmful chemicals, ensuring the health of people and the planet.

  • Transparent: Jasberry ensures transparency from field to fork, so consumers know exactly where their rice comes from.


We embraced the “Best for the World list” from 2019 to 2022. Moreover, in March 2024, we received the prestigious Greg Steltenpohl Pragmatic Award for sustainability, proving that a big impact can arise from small, purposeful steps.

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes and cultural heritage of Bali, Mana Earthly Paradise (Mana) stands as a testament to responsible hospitality in the face of social and environmental challenges. In an island where tourism often exacerbates these issues, Mana represents a beacon of hope for a new, regenerative paradigm. Established in 2019, Mana has continually exemplified a commitment to sustainable practices and circularity, setting a new standard for the hospitality sector.
Mana Earthly Paradise

From its thoughtfully designed earthbag villas to its locally sourced organic cuisine served in the probiotic restaurant, Mana embodies a holistic approach to low-carbon living. Moreover, its environmentally conscious store offers products that not only support local communities but also adhere to ethical sourcing practices.  

Mana became the first hotel in Southeast Asia to obtain B Corp Certification in 2022, underlining its genuine commitment to responsible business practices. By prioritizing harmony with nature and embracing sustainability at every turn, Mana continues to inspire and lead by example, demonstrating that a better future is both attainable and imperative.

Sharesource is a proud B Corp-certified company dedicated to democratizing opportunities for individuals in developing countries. Our purpose-driven approach and vibrant culture empower our partners to attract and retain top talent, while our extensive global knowledge helps unlock potential and mitigate risks during team scaling. Committed to SDG 10 and achieving Net Zero, we strive to support our partners in growing their businesses effectively and ethically.

We take pride in being among the first BPO companies in the Philippines to earn B Corp Certification. This recognition underscores our commitment to conducting business  in ways that are beneficial for both people and the planet.

B Corpsea Sharesource

Our dedication to social and environmental responsibility is demonstrated through various initiatives, including tree plantings, mentorship programs, plastic recycling drives, support for fire victims, and desktop donations. 

Ethical offshoring is at the heart of our sustainable development strategy, characterized by fair compensation, comprehensive employee benefits, robust training and upskilling opportunities, meaningful work assignments, and a focus on employee well-being. Our inclusive policies and empowering workplace culture ensure a supportive and non-discriminatory environment for all employees.

SuperBee: Partnership with One Sky Foundation: The Loofah Project

Healing and protecting our environment are intertwined with social impact. SuperBee exemplifies this by lifting families and communities out of poverty, creating opportunities for stable income and education, and empowering women to occupy the space that is theirs to fill.

As we enter our 8th year fighting single-use plastic with innovative eco products and empowering women and the community around us, we’d love to highlight our ongoing partnership with One Sky Foundation: The Loofah Project.

SuperBee: Partnership with One Sky Foundation: The Loofah Project

The Loofah Project is an income-generating project for resilient women and their families near the Thai-Myanmar border. The women make our plastic-replacement loofah sponges by hand using our upcycled fabric from our beeswax wrap production.

We provide equipment and training on machine sewing, quality control, and sustainable production processes so that women have transferable job skills to take control of their future.

The compostable loofah sponges we create together with One Sky replace plastic sponges in our kitchens and bathrooms, keeping plastic waste out of our landfills and oceans.

To learn more about our loofah sponges, visit: https://superbee.me/natural-loofah-sponges-are-way-better-than-plastic/

As a consultancy firm that fosters responsible business conduct in Myanmar, we operate in a conflict-affected area so we must work harder to get things done responsibly in such a turbulent environment. Walking the talk is critical for us because if we can do it today in Myanmar, it means that others can, too. It also brings hope and builds and nurtures trust with all our stakeholders and partners. Being a B Corp-certified company demonstrates our commitment to acting responsibly and transparently, increasing our accountability and making us a force for good. 


We are, therefore, pleased and proud, as we not only managed to maintain our B Corp Certification but also improved our score from 81.9 to 108.8 points. To achieve this, we had to thoroughly evaluate our operations to deliver with purpose while abiding by our values in a challenging environment. 

Being a B Corp helped us keep moving forward since having a solid compass is crucial when managing ethical dilemmas. It enabled us to ensure we were always aligned and clear on who we are, what we stand for, and how we work.

Myanmar is a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous operating environment today. We hope to see more B Corps operating in such environments and will be happy to share our experience to help others do so.

Do you have any questions or stories you’d like to share? Please feel free to send us an email at info@bcorpsea.org

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