Celebrating Sustainability: Stories of Social and Environmental Impact from Southeast Asia's Latest B Corps

We are thrilled to welcome a diverse array of businesses that have recently achieved B Corp certification, each embodying a steadfast commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. These companies from various industries and regions have demonstrated exemplary dedication to making a positive impact on their communities and our planet.

By setting a new standard for ethical business practices, their collective focus on minimizing environmental footprints, promoting equitable economies, and fostering community engagement is truly inspiring.

With their B Corp certifications, these companies signal a shift towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. By prioritizing purpose over profit, they are not only driving positive change within their organizations but also inspiring others to follow suit.

Join us in welcoming them to the ranks of B Corps in Southeast Asia.

Danone Specialized Nutrition Cambodia

Danone Cambodia
November 2023

Danone Specialized Nutrition Cambodia, a subsidiary of Europe’s leading nutrition company, received its B Corp certification in November 2023. The certification reflects the company’s commitment to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, transparency, and accountability.

As the first Cambodia-based FMCG brand to achieve B Corp certification, Danone Specialized Nutrition Cambodia sets a pioneering example. With this milestone, the company aspires to inspire other local businesses, urging them to leverage their influence in addressing societal and environmental challenges.

Country Manager, Maarten Van Leeuwen, expressed profound pride in the prestigious recognition, stating, “This achievement stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to responsible practices that serve the betterment of our nation and communities. It reinforces our pledge to our consumers and employees to utilize our business for the greater good. Our ethos at Danone Specialized Nutrition Cambodia is deeply rooted in contributing to societal and community well-being. This commitment remains at the core as we prioritize the welfare of our employees, consumers, and the broader communities we serve.” 

Danone India, one of the leading health and nutrition companies in India, joined the ranks of B Corps in December 2023. The B Corp certification is a testament to Danone India’s unwavering commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and community engagement.

Danone India’s journey toward B Corp certification underscores its longstanding commitment to fostering positive societal impact.

The company’s commitment extends beyond certification, as evidenced by its initiatives such as the zero-water discharge facility at the Danone factory in Lalru and its ambitious target to achieve 100% reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging by 2030. Moreover, Danone India’s robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, including providing safe drinking water through community water centers and health camps targeting maternal and child health and iron deficiency anemia, underscore its dedication to societal well-being. These initiatives not only reflect Danone India’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and ethical practices but also reaffirm its role as a leader in driving meaningful change within the Indian business landscape.

Danone Malaysia and Singapore
December 2023

Danone Malaysia and Singapore received the B Corp recognition in December 2023. Its country manager, Koh Kok Meng, emphasized that achieving B Corporation certification signals their commitment to environmental and community impact. Initiating the B Corporation certification process marked a collective effort by the team to prioritize organizational responsibility.

In a recent statement, he expressed pride in Danone’s B Corporation status as a badge of honor. Danone underwent a thorough review of its environmental and social practices to attain this certification. To maintain high standards, recertification every three years ensures accountability and updated impact assessments.

Danone Malaysia and Singapore are among the 50 purpose-led businesses meeting verified standards for social and environmental performance. They advocate for addressing iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in Malaysian children. As a specialized nutrition company, they prioritize transparency and accountability.

DCI Indonesia
January 2024

DCI Indonesia becomes the first data center colocation company in Asia to achieve the B Corp certification. As a B Corp, DCI joins the global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

DCI demonstrates environmental leadership with Indonesia’s inaugural solar-powered data center and Southeast Asia’s first Tier IV Gold certification for Operational Sustainability. Additionally, the company maintains environmental integrity through rigorous greenhouse gas monitoring, efficient management systems, and thorough supply chain audits.

DCI prioritizes social responsibility alongside environmental stewardship, with initiatives such as local hiring, diverse leadership, and empowering women in key roles. Their annual CSR program encompasses activities like house building, tree plantings, and book donations, fostering community engagement and sustainable development.

Moreover, employee welfare is a key priority of DCI, evidenced by its comprehensive healthcare, benefits, and safety programs. The company’s non-discrimination and empowerment policies have nurtured an inclusive and supportive workplace.

Anatman Pictures Indonesia
February 2024

Anatman Pictures was founded by Mahatma Putra and Natasha May in 2013. The name “Anatman” was inspired by Buddhist philosophy and refers to the notion of “no-self” or the illusion of ‘self’. The company received its B Corp certification in February 2024.

Anatman Pictures is a Production House that has evolved into a Creative House — a one-stop studio for AV Production, Concept Development, Production, and Post-Production, telling meaningful stories with a selfless soul.

What sets Anatman Pictures apart is its commitment to sustainability. It is the first production house in Southeast Asia to be included among Certified B Corporation businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. With this commitment, Anatman Pictures upholds the principle of a minimal carbon footprint in all its endeavors and actively prompts local communities to champion environmental awareness through video productions and films.

KMC Philippines
February 2024

KMC specializes in building offshore teams for the world’s fastest-growing businesses through end-to-end employer of record services that encompass recruitment, HR and payroll, compliance, and office space solutions. Boasting the largest flexible office space footprint in the Philippines, and with operations in Australia and the USA, KMC facilitates seamless expansion and operational efficiency for companies seeking to leverage the benefits of offshore staffing. By offering integrated services, KMC ensures that businesses can rapidly scale their teams in compliance with local regulations, all within conducive work environments that foster growth and productivity. 

The company received its B Corp certification in February 2024, signifying its unwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility. KMC has integrated these values into its core business strategy, demonstrating how companies can thrive while positively impacting their employees, communities, and the environment.

KMC’s B Corp certification sets a new standard for responsible business practices in the Philippines. They demonstrate their commitment to leading by example and inspiring other companies to integrate social and environmental responsibility into their core values.

February 2024

PINTAR, headquartered in Indonesia and with operations extending to Singapore, is an online education platform company committed to empowering individuals of all ages. PINTAR received its B Corp certification in February 2024 with the highest assessment score in Indonesia. The certification serves as a testament to its seriousness in realizing its mission — to empower the workforce through equal access to learning opportunities for people of all ages.

Emphasizing the importance of adaptable learning approaches and harnessing the innate adaptability inherent in every individual, PINTAR operates with a mission to unlock human potential to thrive in an ever-changing world of work.

They provide integrated educational and training solutions, from short courses, degree programs, and employee training, to job placement services.  Since 2013, they have facilitated millions of connections in the Indonesian workforce, offering access to quality learning and opening doors to countless career opportunities.

Bcorpsea PT Monica HijauLestari
February 2024

PT. Monica HijauLestari, a franchisee of The Body Shop International for the Indonesian market, received its B Corp certification in Feb 2024.

Founded in 1992, PT Monica HijauLestari stands as a trailblazer in Indonesia’s ethical beauty and personal care sector. As the Indonesian franchise of the globally recognized The Body Shop brand, they are committed to environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing, and social responsibility. 

They have actively advocated for no animal testing, the “No Plastic Bag” campaign, preserving Indonesian biodiversity, and supported the successful passing of the 2022 law to eliminate sexual violence. 

Their products are 100% certified by The Vegan Society, with ongoing transitions still in the market. This dedication to cruelty-free and environmentally conscious production is at the heart of their business, ensuring that their customers not only look good but also feel good.

March 2024

ATECH ENERGY, a Sustainability Consulting Firm based in Malaysia, has been aiding businesses since 2011 in achieving sustainability goals. By employing creative approaches, it aims to reduce ecological impacts while promoting economic progress. By closely collaborating with partners, ATECH ENERGY customizes solutions to propel clients toward their sustainability goals.

As a Sustainability Consultancy firm with operations extended to Indonesia and Singapore, ATECH ENERGY prioritizes leading by example over mere assertions, demonstrating its capabilities through tangible actions. Therefore, in 2023, ATECH ENERGY embarked on its greenhouse gas (GHG) Inventory journey with Sustaira, with a primary focus on achieving carbon neutrality. This initiative not only strengthens resilience to climate risks but also enhances environmental stewardship, contributing to a sustainable and equitable future.

To tackle its Scope 1 and 2 emissions, ATECH focuses on minimizing its operational environmental footprint by transitioning to a zero-energy office. Furthermore, to achieve absolute carbon neutrality encompassing Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, ATECH will implement a carbon offsetting program through the inclusive rural electrification with renewable energy (iRE2) initiative.

March 2024

Kingdom of Wow is one of the latest additions to B Corp Southeast Asia ranks. Headquartered in Cambodia with operations in The Netherlands and the USA, they combine everyday luxury with sustainability by embracing slow fashion principles to create timeless footwear that’s made to last. Handcrafted from high-quality natural materials that are carbon compensated, their collections of winter wool slippers and summer-styled espadrilles are ethically made by local women in Cambodia. 

The company workshop in Siem Reap provides their team with a safe and healthy work environment where their staff can thrive and earn fair wages to support themselves and their families. They go beyond the legal requirements set by Cambodian Labor Law, offering benefits such as insurance coverage and free nutritious lunches.

The Kingdom of Wow prioritizes the use of biodegradable materials for its products to minimize its environmental footprint while also adopting a zero-waste approach by creatively repurposing its offcuts to make new products.

March 2024

UPCYDE CARBON NEUTRAL CO., LTD is an agricultural waste transformation company based in Thailand with operations in Denmark, Singapore, and the USA. A small but growing circular brand, UPCYDE meets the highest standards for social and environmental performance. The company received its B Corp certification in March 2024.

With cutting-edge biotech materials and groundbreaking green tech waste management services, the company is contributing to a thriving circular economy. They employ an innovative approach to transforming agricultural waste into valuable resources, offering sustainable alternatives across industries. From sustainable packaging solutions to plant-based material innovations, UPCYDE is redefining waste management with every upcycled product. 

In addition to reducing waste, they are empowering communities and driving positive change by creating sustainable, long-term solutions. UPCYDE is revolutionizing the way we think about waste to ensure a more sustainable future.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of the remarkable companies featured in this article for their unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Through their inspiring journeys and relentless dedication, they have set a shining example for businesses across Southeast Asia and beyond. Their stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of purpose-driven initiatives, demonstrating that by prioritizing ethical practices and environmental stewardship, we can create a more equitable and sustainable future for all. We thank them for sharing their stories and for being catalysts of meaningful change in the world.

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