Lets welcome PT Bhineka Rahsa Nusantara (Rahsa Nusantara), another newly Certified B Corp in ASEAN!

Rahsa Nusantara weaves the essence of nature, herbs, and spices into a tapestry of well-being for both the present and future generations. Since 2016, Rahsa Nusantara has been dedicated to an ethical and conscientious approach, emphasizing the use of natural, local ingredients, environmental mindfulness, and empowerment.

Their aspiration is for current and future generations to lead holistic and mindful lives. They believe that the keys to this dream lie within local wisdom and diversity. Every locality possesses its unique solutions to the challenges that have become global issues. Rahsa Nusantara has found its roots once more, urging everyone to be aware of their place in the world, exploring and safeguarding the abundance around us, and contributing to the world’s diversity.

Moreover, they recognize the vital role that women play in upholding these values. Women are empowered to safeguard and pass on wisdom to the present and future generations, fostering a conscious way of life across the ages, for individuals, society, and the universe.

Local wisdom and diversity are treasures. They carry the diversity of nature and invaluable wisdom. Rahsa Nusantara seeks to explore, preserve, and incorporate this richness into our daily lives.
Embrace a more conscious existence. Be aware of yourself, others, and the universe. By being present and mindful, let us collectively construct a sustainable present and future.

Rumah Tumbuh Bersama, a community fostered by Rahsa Nusantara, is set to be a nurturing space for learning and growing together. It is designed to be trusted and easy to access, providing a starting point for maintaining a healthy and conscious living journey. 

🔗Website: https://www..rahsa.id/  
🔗B Corp Directory: https://lnkd.in/g_Tafas2


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