Join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to Urmatt Limited, the latest addition to the B Corp family! 

For over two decades, Urmatt has been a prominent force in the realm of organic agriculture within their country, positively impacting thousands of farming families. Urmatt proudly holds regional leadership in environmental stewardship and boasts the distinction of being the largest producer of organic jasmine rice. 

In a commitment to empower farmers’ groups to take part in the decision-making process regarding the distribution of the premium they receive, thereby ensuring the most beneficial outcomes for the public and enhancing the living standards of their farmers. 

Urmatt Organic Rice

Urmatt meticulously maintains and controls their organic operations, allowing their organic rice to mature naturally, in harmony with nature’s intentions. With the wealth of over two decades of dedicated experience in rice farming, they’ve achieved a delicate balance with nature, which enables them to offer you these carefully nurtured, naturally grown grains. 

Being the largest producer of organic jasmine rice, Urmatt garners critical acclaim for its ethical farming model. Cultivated in collaboration with rural farmers in Northern Thailand, our rice thrives in its ideal environment. 

Our organic status meets the stringent standards set by the EU and USA, ensuring the highest quality. The Naturland Fair Premium project is dedicated to fostering community development in various aspects, including environmental, social, and economic issues affecting farmers, workers, and their families. The farmer group associated with Naturland Fair considers using the premium to enhance their communities across numerous dimensions. 

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