Discover How For-Profit Companies Are Transforming Business for the Better!

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, for-profit companies are taking center stage in driving positive change for both people and the planet. But what challenges do they encounter along the way, and how does the #BCorp Certification play a crucial role in this transformation?

Join us for the inaugural episode of our exciting new series, #ForcesForGood, where we delve deep into the world of sustainable business practices. In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Melanie Chow, Vice President of Mission and Sustainability at Danone, during the prestigious Aspen Ideas Festival.

Melanie shares fascinating insights into how Danone is leading the charge in the agricultural industry, where innovation and dedication are essential to making a lasting impact.

Listen to the captivating conversation produced by Hueman Group Media now! (Don’t forget to rate and review to help others discover us too!)

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