VISTA Eye Specialist Joins the B Corp Family: A Remarkable Journey of Excellence and Impact!

We are thrilled to share incredible news that fills us with pride and joy. Once again, VISTA has showcased its unwavering commitment to exceptional patient care, innovative services, outstanding business management, and remarkable community contributions. With hearts brimming with excitement, we are elated to announce that VISTA has emerged triumphantly, securing numerous clinical and business awards that position them as a shining beacon among eye specialists. Their pursuit of excellence has gained global recognition, solidifying their status as a distinguished Center of Excellence on an international scale. 

VISTA’s achievements have captured the attention of the global medical technology community. Renowned surgeons from around the world have chosen VISTA as a premier destination to witness cutting-edge practices and innovations firsthand. From the United States to Australia, Japan to China, India to Hong Kong, Singapore to the Philippines, and Indonesia to Malaysia, VISTA stands tall as an international hub for brilliance in eye care. 

However, VISTA’s journey extends beyond mere accolades. They have etched their mark as a true community champion. Through initiatives like the VISTA Eye Carnival, they have provided free eye screenings since 2010, touching countless lives. Their commitment to giving back shines brightly through fundraising efforts, support for food banks, and the generous offering of free eye surgeries and services to those in need. 

VISTA’s spirit of compassion and forward-thinking also embraces the younger generation. They proudly present the “VISTA Youth Challenge” Program, a remarkable platform that empowers youth with real-world experience and project management skills. VISTA has also embarked on a Talent Management program, incorporating Gamification and hands-on experiences to nurture their staff’s growth, creating leaders who will champion the commitment to contribute to UNSDG Goal No. 8—promoting sustainable, inclusive, and robust economic growth, productive employment, and decent work for all. 

In recognition of their work in talent development, VISTA has achieved the esteemed The STAR ESG Positive Impact Awards 2022 – Gold Award for Talent Management. 

Join us in celebrating this extraordinary journey that has transformed VISTA into more than just a name; it’s a symbol of excellence, compassion, and innovation. Here’s to the luminous path they have paved and to the brilliant future that awaits us all! 

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