We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Juara Partners for achieving the B Corp Certification! 🏆

Juara Partners, a distinguished financial institution specializing in Shariah-compliant vital lines of credit, debt restructuring, purpose-driven financing, and the promotion of financial literacy, has reached a significant milestone. Their FinTech-enabled approach not only makes their services efficient and user-friendly but also ensures they remain competitive in our rapidly evolving financial landscape.  

🇲🇾 Operating from Malaysia, Juara Partners has built a reputation for its strong partnerships with various organizations, particularly in serving communities underserved by conventional banking services. 

Furthermore, Juara Partners has garnered recognition, receiving the esteemed The Star ESG 2022 gold award for Human Rights & Labour Standards and the silver award for Business Transformation. These awards highlight Juara Partners’ dedication to positive societal impact and its capacity for adaptability and innovation. 

Juara Partners is open to collaborating with like-minded organizations to collectively enhance and expand their initiatives. 

🔗 To learn more, visit their website: www.juarapartners.com 

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