Celebrating the Remarkable Achievements of Song Saa Collective!

Join Our Expanding Family of Certified B Corp Companies in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia! Step into the world of Song Saa Private Island, where luxury meets serenity, and nature embraces you wholeheartedly. Our island embodies the exquisite beauty of Cambodia’s coastline, meticulously crafted with indigenous materials and infused with boundless artistry and soul.  

Escape the cacophony of modern life and immerse yourself in the lap of simple yet extravagant pleasures: our unspoiled private beach, generously appointed wooden villas, heavenly spa sanctuaries, and a thriving coral reef waiting to be explored. The Song Saa Foundation, a non-profit organization, stands as the guardian of the pristine habitats in the Koh Rong Archipelago and beyond, uplifting the communities it touches. They remain steadfast in our commitment to conservation, humanitarian endeavors, and the safeguarding of our precious environment.  

From the noble cause of rescuing sea turtles to providing crucial healthcare support and championing local designs, our multifaceted projects in Cambodia are forging a brighter future.  Come join hands with us in preserving ocean habitats, nurturing marine life, and enriching the lives of the local communities. Together, they catalyze lasting change.    

🔗 Dive Deeper: Explore their world at www.songsaa.com

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