We are delighted to extend our congratulations to Infinit-O for achieving B Corp certification!

Since 2005, Infinit-O has been steadfastly supporting a diverse array of outsourced processes, encompassing customer care, finance and accounting, back-office operations, investment management support, and healthcare support services. Amidst this extensive experience, the Infinit-O Group Foundation stands as the non-profit, corporate social responsibility wing of its parent company, dedicated to a compelling mission: empowering underprivileged and marginalized communities through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education initiatives. Their objective is to not only meet but exceed their client’s expectations.  

They craft distinctive educational experiences that seamlessly integrate the principles of STEAM, enhance or create educational and institutional STEAM resources, and generate employment opportunities.  

Creating Endless Opportunities

In their capacity as a BPO service provider, they form strategic partnerships with the world’s fastest-growing Investment Management, Healthcare companies, and Technology, offering them a pathway to become more efficient as they grow.

This commitment to excellence is demonstrated by their remarkable Net Promoter Score of 67, showcasing their ability to deliver top-tier business process outsourcing services via their distinctive data-driven approach, which fuses cutting-edge technology with high-performing teams operating within a highly engaged and agile culture. They take immense pride in their capacity to provide tailored solutions for each client.  

Infinit-O’s suite of BPO solutions and services epitomizes a perfect blend of cost efficiency, scalability, and exceptional customer service. Their amalgamation of advanced technology and the expertise of their professional team empowers them to establish strategic partnerships and cater comprehensively to all outsourcing requirements. Their team’s proficiency in operations management, process optimization, and problem-solving allows organizations to focus on enhancing their business processes, leading to improved customer service and overall performance.  

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