🗞 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Next Role: Investor in Sustainable Luxury

Watchmaker ID Genève 🗞
The Hollywood actor says the Swiss timepiece maker’s eco-innovative practices are an exemplar for the watch industry

⌚Hollywood actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio will today be announced as an investor in ID Genève, Switzerland’s first luxury watch company to be awarded “B Corp” certification. It is common practice for luxury Swiss watch companies to pay A-listers to wear their watches as “ambassadors”; but rarely do celebrities invest in watch brand.

⌚DiCaprio told the Financial Times he had invested in ID Genève because it was “disrupting the luxury watch industry” and “championing ethically sourced and recycled materials and low-carbon footprint processes in a circular economy”.

⌚ID Genève’s low-carbon production initiatives include steel cases made from waste material collected from the watch industry that is melted in a solar furnace, using the sun’s rays. The company claims the carbon footprint of its “solar steel” is 165 times lower than in standard steel.

🗞 Read more: https://www.ft.com/content/462034ec-e5f2-4306-b9ef-46e7a8535a70
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