Join us in celebrating the newest addition to the B Corp family – Steps!

An Inclusive Community

Steps, a Thailand-based social impact organization, is dedicated to neuro-inclusion. Their mission is to provide training and job opportunities for the neurodivergent community, including individuals with autism, who often face barriers to employment. 

They offer education and training programs to empower neurodivergent individuals, boosting their confidence and skills. 

Steps operates inclusive businesses like coffee shops and business service centers, where neurodivergent individuals gain valuable work experience. 

They collaborate with employers to facilitate job placements for their trained neurodivergent graduates. 

Steps also provides consultancy services to businesses interested in hiring neurodivergent individuals. 

Thanks to their dedicated partners, customers, and supporters, Steps is fostering a welcoming community, ensuring that young people who are often marginalized feel included and valued. 

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