🎉Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, and we look forward to witnessing the incredible journey that lies ahead for Desa Potato Head Bali as part of the B Corp family! 🌐✨

B Corp Good Times
🌿At Potato Head Family Head, they embody the ethos of “Good Times, Do Good.” This isn’t just a mantra they recite for a feel-good vibe; they genuinely believe in the exhilaration of doing good. Over numerous years, they’ve observed the profound impact this philosophy has had not only on their business but on the communities they touch.
🌿Regenerative hospitality is shaping the future of travel a transformative tourism that enriches both the destination and the visitor. This commitment extends beyond a fleeting trend it’s a pledge to inspire and pioneer change in the hospitality industry.
🌿In our pursuit of regenerative practices, the genesis of their sustainability journey unfolded. Their simple goal: a zero-waste operation that encourages others to do good while savoring good times.
🌿Embracing a circular approach, they creatively repurpose waste from their Desa into furniture, amenities, art, and more. Their sustainability journey began with responsible waste management, inspiring them to do more and do better. Trace the steps they’ve taken to keep our planet smiling.
🌿To share their regenerative practices, they offer a spectrum of activities. Follow the transformative journey of Potato Head’s waste, contribute to social causes, learn to repurpose discarded materials, and join them in planting seeds to offset carbon emissions.
🔗Website:  https://lnkd.in/gTdy6fzg
🔗B Corp Directory:  https://rb.gy/6bx74s

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