📢 *Big shoutout to PT MEDAN TEHNIK for achieving the B Corp Certification milestone!*🌟

🌍💚 PT Medan Tehnik were not just about profits – this socially-driven enterprise dedicates an impressive 51% of net profits to uplift Youth with Special Needs, Pre-prosperous Families, Young Women, and Grassroots Communities.
🌍💚 Specializing in gaseous manufacturing, their commitment speaks volumes about innovation and sustainability, perfectly aligning with the values of the B Corp community.
🌍💚 As PT Medan Tehnik steps into this new chapter as a B Corp Certified company, let’s raise a virtual toast to their achievements! We’re eager to see the ongoing positive impact they’ll create, both in the industry and the communities they serve. 🥂

Cheers to a brighter and more responsible future! 🌍💚
🔗B Corp Directory: https://lnkd.in/dEJNFGvX

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